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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

If you ever wanted to have a baby boy then this article is for you. You’ll discover scientific and natural ways on how to get pregnant with a boy. Plus, foods that can help in having a baby boy.

There are two ways of determining the sex of your baby: the natural way and the scientific way.

Natural Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Most of the theories about gender selection the natural way were discovered under the Shettles method.

how to get pregnant with a boy

Written By Dr. Landrum Shettles

The Shettles Method

This method was popularized in the book by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles titled, “How To Choose The Sex of Your Baby“.

Dr. Shettles believed there were two things to consider when trying to choose the gender of your baby: the timing and the sex position.

The Timing of Sex

Dr. Shettles believed the male Y-chromosome is faster but weaker and smaller than the female X-chromosome. Because of its weak nature, the Y-chromosome sperm will not last long for days inside a woman.

So, he advised women to time the precise day for ovulation and have intercourse on that day. Because the male sperm is faster it will reach the waiting egg before the female sperm cells. Therefore, allowing you to have a baby boy.

The most accurate way to test for your ovulation day is to use a combination of an ovulation strip and a basal body thermometer.

Sex Position

The entrance of the vagina is acidic and it inhibits the Y-chromosome sperm. So, to conceive a boy, penetration has to be deeper.

The best positions for deep penetration are kneeling (doggy style), standing up, and straddling (cowgirl). These positions will deposit the sperm in the less acidic part of the vagina, giving an edge to the faster male sperm.

Fertile Days and Times For Having A Baby Boy

Ovulation Day

If you are trying for a boy, it’s best to have sex on your ovulation day. This gives the faster male sperm all the advantages it needs to get to the egg first. 

After Female Orgasm

Some theories state that female orgasm secretes an alkaline fluid in the vagina, which is a suitable condition for male sperm.

Therefore, achieving female orgasm before male orgasm may help you get pregnant with a boy.

Time Of Day

Another advantage is the time of day during sex.

Intercourse should start from 5am and continue every 2 hours on that day. The egg has a higher chance of becoming fertilized before 7am because it is considered the peak period.

Foods To Eat To Get Pregnant With A Boy

A study and statement by Fiona Matthews; a mammalian biologist, confirmed that a diet that is high in potassium and sodium increases a woman’s chances of having a boy.

She advised women looking for a son to stay away from milk and dairy products, because they increase the chances of having a daughter.

So, to conceive a boy you should eat foods like banana, berries, food rich in Himalayan salt, electrolyte drinks (non-sugary type), fish, white flour, pasta, spinach, tomatoes, and fresh fruits.

Scientific Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy

These methods do not have a 100% guarantee, but they may be more effective than the natural way. 

Ericsson’s Method

The first method and oldest method was developed by a geneticist, Dr. Ronald Ericsson in the mid-1970s.

Like Dr. Shettles, he believed that the X-chromosomes for the girl, in sperm are larger, denser, and therefore slower than the Y-chromosomes for boys.

With this method, sperm is filtered through a human serum and the fast chromosomes (Y) are separated from the slower ones. The woman is then artificially inseminated with the sperm containing the chromosome for boys.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

The second method is preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This can only be done during an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure.

During a routine IVF procedure, a woman’s eggs are surgically removed and fertilized with different sperm cells from her partner.

After fertilization, one or two cells are removed from the resulting embryos for genetic diagnosis. Through this diagnosis, the scientists can determine which one is a male embryo and which one is the female embryo.

Then, the preferred embryo is implanted in the woman through another surgical procedure.

MicroSort Technique

The third method is the MicroSort technique. To begin, sperm is collected from the man and stained with a special laboratory dye.

The stained sperm is then run through a machine that can separate the Y-chromosome from the X-chromosome.

Then, the woman is inseminated with the Y-chromosome so she can conceive a boy.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy According To Ayurveda

The ancient Ayurvedic method of determining the sex of a child has been considered fallacious a lot of times in the past, but it may not hurt to try.

  1. Make sure you have been off any birth control methods for two months before you attempt it.
  2. Start counting the days from the first day your period begins, and ensure that you do not have sex or perform rigorous activities during this period.
  3. To conceive a boy, you will have to start counting the even days, i.e. day 4, day 6, day 8, etc.
  4. On the 12th and 14th day of the cycle, you should have intercourse with your husband.
  5. During the intercourse, foreplay should take nothing less than 5 minutes, so that breathing can become heavy.
  6. Penetration should only start when breathing from the male’s right nose is more active, and breathing from the female’s left nose is more powerful.

You can check the breathing by closing one nose after the other.

Discovering the different theories on male conception is an enlightening and interesting journey. We must note, though, that this method isn’t as scientifically backed. But, it may not hurt to try.